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Rope Access has become a fast growing industry as is offers fast, cost-effective and safer solutions as compared to the more traditional methods such as scaffolding or mobile/static platforms. Given it’s more ideal usage, rope access companies had to offer any and all services that were previously accomplished using these methods in order to become successful. This is why we pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of services, to help our clients.

General rope access services we offer:

  • Anchor bolt installation and Load Testing
  • Rigging and Lifting Services
  • Safety system installations for Work at Height
  • Visual and Photographic Inspections
  • Rope Access Consultations
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Specialist in the signage industry with a vast experience in all forms of signage. There is no sign too big or small for us.

If required, we can also manage your signage project from manufacturing all the way through to installation, using our industry recognised signage partners.

A list of signage services we offer:

  • Hook and Bar systems
  • Cable systems
  • PrismaFlex/SpiritFlex systems
  • Vinyl Applications
  • Lightboxes
  • Fabricated Lettering, Illuminated/Non-Illuminated, Neon/LED
  • Signage repairs ( electrical or physical )
  • Stud Mounted Lettering

These are just a few of the most popular signs that we specialise in, but is not limited to just the above, so should you have a special requirement, then contact us and we will strive to fulfil it.

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While most would think that painting is just done for aestetics, it is also performed to ensure that your building is properly sealed from the elements. Paint deteriates over time causing flaking and bubbling which can lead to internal dampness, not too mention that it doesn’t look nice from the outside

A good coat of paint is also visually attractive, making it further attractive to potential clients.

Our team of experienced technicians are all certfied in rope access and have had external training in coating systems. We not only provide rope access painting services, but any painting requirements you might have, whether indoors or out… we have you covered.

Approved applicators of Dulux, Plascon, Midas and Prominent Paints

All coating work is done by strict manufacturer guidelines and specifications.

All work is guarenteed, but please enquire about specific guarentees as this is dependant on the paint manufacturer used and the enviroment in which it will be used.

Should you have a special requirements, then please contact us and we will strive to fulfil it.

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Winter times are the hardest for any building, especially if their waterproofing has deteriated or not up to par to withstand the harsh weathers that Cape Town has to offer.

Water, like most liquids, has the ability to run along surfaces making leak detection very hard as it might appear to be coming in from one area when in fact it might be originating in a completely different area. This is why we prefer to do an onsite inspection prior to quoting, allowing us to not only provide you with the best solution possible, but also to ensure that the problem will be fixed.

Waterproofing is one of the most important aspects to any building which is why together, with our experienced personell and wide range of solutions, we can provide a water tight solution that will be gaurenteed to satisfy you.

The types of waterproofing we do are:

  • Torch On (Bitumen Membrane)
  • Paintable Membrane (commonly known as lap ‘n pap)
  • Silicone Sealing ( Window / Joint )
  • Painting ( Fibre Re-inforced paint )
  • Brick and Concrete Sealing
  • Crack and Spalling Repairs

Above is the most used forms of waterproofing but should you have a special requirement, then contact us and we will strive to fulfil it.

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Commercial and Residential Property Maintenance

Keeping your building constantly maintained, is not only an attractive selling point to your customers, but can also save money in the long run, by preventing extensive repairs due to prolonged neglect.

We offer a wide range of property maintenance services to the commercial and residential sector, using rope access.

A list of maintenance services we offer:

  • Painting
  • Waterproofing
  • Window and Joint Sealing
  • Spalling and Structural Repairs
  • Photographic and Visual Inspections
  • Gutter / downpipe cleaning and repairs
  • Pressure Washing
  • Window Washing
  • Bird-Proofing ( Spikes and UltraSonic Devices )
  • Small scale tree removal

Vertical Logic has extensive experience in building maintenance, owing to its ever growing involvement with leading property management companies.

Our compliment of highly trained staff will ensure that your requirements are met to your satisfaction, and that all work performed is guarenteed ( please enquire about guarentee when requesting a quote ). All of this is our way of trying to make your life, as the client, easier and believe they are clear reasons why we are the preferred choice to many.

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Industry is a vital part in any countries economy which is why maintenance is so important. Keeping your plant maintained can and will prevent any major deteriation which may affect the following aspects of your operations:

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Profitability

This is why, with our compliment of experienced rope access technicians, we are able to offer the follow services, to help keep these aspects in check:

  • Rigging, lifting and installations
  • Non-Destructive Testing ( MT/PT/UT/WT )
  • Corrosion Prevention and specialised coating systems
  • Confined space entry
  • Silo cleaning and Maintenance
  • DROPS Surveying and Reporting
  • Bolt torqueing and testing
  • Waterproofing
  • Rope Access Labor Supply
  • Visual and Photographic Inspection
  • Installations of safety systems for work at height
  • High access cleaning
  • maintenance to masts and stacks

With vast experience in the above, Vertical Logic is able to ensure that any and all of your requirements will be met to your satisfaction and done to the highest of safety standards, allowing you, as the client, top rest easy.

Should you have any special requirements, not listed above, then please contact us and we will strive to fulfill it.

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