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    Transnet Saldanha – Counterweight

    Refurbishment to counterweight structure supporting iron ore conveyor

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  • SSK Silos – Heidelberg

    SSK Silos – Heidelberg

    Waterproofing and coating of silo roofing and grain feeders.

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  • SAB Maltings – Caledon

    SAB Maltings – Caledon

    Inspection, testing and repairs of concrete to coal silos and work tower.

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  • FNB Portside

    FNB Portside

    Installation of all high rise signage located on Portside Building.

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  • SAB Newlands

    SAB Newlands

    Contracted on a monthly basis to perform various rope access works for SAB Newlands brewery.

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  • Tarquin House

    Tarquin House

    Carried out spalling repair works and various waterproofing.

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