SAB Maltings – Caledon

Inspection, testing and repairs of concrete to coal silos and work tower.

Works carried out:

  • All surfaces were initially cleaned down with HP Washing.
  • Cover meter survey to gauge the depth of the current reinforcing bar at spalling locations. Specific ranges were provided and each were to be marked with an alternate color paint.
  • Phenolphthalein tests conducted on all spalled concrete to determine PH. When the solution is applied it will turn pink if the surface is alkaline. In the the case of a positive reading, the concrete must be broken down until the reading measures negative (clear).
  • Concrete is then broken out down to rebar, exposing entire rebar surface. Rebar is then cleaned and coated with an anti rust coating and mortar reapplied over.
  • Sealing coat is applied over entire structure to preserve concrete.

All products used supplied by Sika