About us

LogoVertical Logic Rope Access was founded in 2007 to provide rope access services to industries that require work to be performed in inaccessible areas or areas where it would not be feasible to use traditional access methods such as scaffolding or hoists. All directors and managers have had field experience in rope access with a combined experience of over 25 years.

At Vertical Logic we believe that our strongest asset is our staff compliment and therefore we treat them well beyond the industry standard. This ensures positive staff morale which in turn leads to the highest quality work output within prescribed deadlines. We believe in ultimate customer and employee satisfaction and this sets us apart from our competitors.

Our Vision

Providing high quality, safe and cost effective rope access solutions to the Commercial, Industrial and Maritime sectors

Every company needs to have a vision in order to successfully keep moving forward and it should be noted that a vision is something that is forever evolving with no end in sight. In short this means that there is always ways to improve, when it comes to these three qualities, and this is something that we take to heart and strive for in every job that we embark on, in order to satisfy our clients, who to us, are our #1 priority.

How we achieve this is through ongoing internal audits and on-site inspections.


In our line of business, safety is everything which is why we have spent vast amounts of time and money into developing our Health & Safety system and procedures, ensuring that you, as the client, can rest easy knowing that all work is done to the highest of safety standards."

  • All work performed is done in strict accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and all its relevant Regulations.
  • We are also a member of the Institute for Work at Heights, and work strictly under their guidelines.
  • We are also proud to note that since inception, we have not had one incident involving serious injury or death to either our employees, other employees on our sites or the public.
  • We also hold a comprehensive insurance policy, covering all aspects of our work and the properties we work on. This policy also includes public liability.

our advantages



Given the risks that rope access brings, we have worked tirelessly to implement a safety system that not only complies with legal requirements, but also ensures that all work on your property is done to the highest of safety standards so you, as the client, don't have to worry.



We do constant evaluations of our employees abilities and their interaction in a team environment through both onsite inspections as well as feedback from their peers. This allows us to select the best team for any specific job hence improving work efficiency.



Money is everything and not one that is easily parted from which is why, with our excellent efficiency and vast experience in management, we can provide our clients with top notch quality while keeping the costs, to them, down to a minimum... a definite win for all.